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Your System

Your System

Your system

  • Bespoke system – tailor made for your requirements as an EPA centre, personalised and branded for your own organisation.
  • Linked to the website for easy access for users – Users: learners, EPA assessors, employers.
  • Training and support – Initial online training session given to all staff who will be using the system. Demo programme available.
  • All Apprenticeship Standards can be/will be on the system as they are developed and approved.
  • Instant and hassle free sampling for other internal quality assurance purposes.
  • Intuitive system - Automatic recording of final grades from the contributing scores issued by the End Point Assessor ensuring accuracy of the final result.
  • Grading rationale is captured against each criteria to ensure auditable decision making process and a comprehensive process for arriving at grade outcomes.
  • Physical/digital evidence stored securely.
  • Easy to use booking system for learners and End Point Assessors.
  • Progress tracking as to which assessment method has taken place and what grades were issued.
  • Paperless compliance but fully auditable

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