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Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgement Tests

An EPA can consist of multiple elements, from exams to live assessments. Taking this into account, PurpleTurtle is designed to give you the ability to upload any kind of end point assessment, as we have a system in place which covers every possible component which may consist within an EPA.

There are three possible exams which could be included in an end point assessment. These are:

  • An Exam
  • Scenario Based Questions
  • A Situational Judgement Test

Any of the above, can be sat by your candidates within a locked down application. We call it the PurpleTurtle App. The app is easily downloaded straight off the learner dashboard and using their own unique logins, a candidate can sit the exam within a specific time frame. As soon as the candidate starts their exam, the app locks down their screen. This means that the individual cannot escape the screen without shutting down the application, and therefore ending their exam.

A situational judgement test is where an individual has to answer factual questions, within a multiple choice layout. This test has to be done in measured conditions. PurpleTurtle allows you to build an exam consisting simply of multiple choice questions, and assign this to any candidate on the system. Then using the PurpleTurtle App, a candidate is able to sit the exam within a set time limit.

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