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An EPA can consist of multiple elements, from exams to live assessments. Taking this into account, PurpleTurtle is designed to give you the ability to upload any kind of end point assessment, as we have a system in place which covers every possible component which may consist within an EPA.

An EPA will often consist of a professional observation/assessment. This is where an assessor will observe an apprentice undertaking a task or series of tasks in the workplace. Through the observation, an assessor will analyse if a learner is competent with their ‘on-the-job’ duties.

Even though an observation will take place within the candidate’s workplace, the system has an area where an assessor can assess online. This enables an assessor to track and monitor the candidate’s performance within a digital format, and also allows them to make any adaptations to their observation. Within the online form, an assessor can give an overall mark, add their notes, and give a final grade. They sign off the assessment with their own digital signature.  

All observations can be tracked throughout the system. A learner can see how they did within their own account, an assessor can view their analysis at any point, and the form gives any IQA’s or EQA’s easy and quick access to review the assessor’s work. All observation forms have a history section, so an awarding organisation can see when changes have been made and by who.

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