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Gateway is the stage in where an employer and training provider come to an agreement that their apprentice is ready to undertake the end point assessment. The agreement is based on the fact if the learner has acquired the relevant skills, knowledge and behaviours at the level set by the apprenticeship standard. For auditing purposes, the meeting between employer and provider will be minuted and both parties will be obligated to fill in a ‘Gateway Declaration Form’. When moving to gateway, the apprentice will be ready and start the last section of their journey, by completing an end point assessment.

At PurpleTurtle we strongly advise both employer and provider ensure their apprentice is ready for gateway, before advancing onto the EPA stage. PurpleTurtle is used as the engine for any end point assessment to be delivered upon, and is the quickest and easiest system on the market to assist an apprentice towards the completion of their apprenticeship.  

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